"Well I Was Born in a Small Town..."

I hear it every day.  "There's nothing to do in Terre Haute".  About 20 years ago, you would have heard me say this too.  But now the first thing you'll hear me say is "I'm so glad we stayed!"  There's lots of reasons why, as you can imagine - family and friends, schools, and obviously, my boutique…

Being from Terre Haute originally, I get it.  Ohhhh, but if we just look, if we just keep our eyes open to what is happening in our town, you will find there's SO much to do and appreciate.  I love being downtown - I wouldn't have wanted my boutique to be anywhere else.  Since being down here, I have made it a point to notice the beautiful architecture, the amazing old buildings, that all point to an impressive history of our hometown.  The building I work in is over 100 years old.  My boutique has the original tin ceiling.  It makes me so happy when, nearly every day, my customers look up and are captivated by the awesome ceiling.  There are so many of these buildings and shops downtown, I would urge anyone visiting or not to take a look.  To actually LOOK.  To take in the culture that we do have here.

My girlfriends and I did our yearly (sad, I know) night out this past summer. Typically, we head up to Indy for a night out on the town, but this year, we chose to stay in Downtown Terre Haute.  We went to a few bars I haven't even been in since, *ahem*, college.  We spent the majority of our time in the newest bar downtown (amazing, btw).  We had a blast, met new people, saw some old friends…it really made me appreciate even more my hometown.  There IS fun to be had here, things to see, and connections to make in this small town!

My sort of mantra in life is that you make connections with everyone you come in contact with.  And you learn a little something, good or sometimes bad, from everyone you meet.  I've had these "take-aways" from young people that have worked for me, as well as people that are older than me.  There's so much wisdom and knowledge out there, no matter the age.  I think that's why I've always loved working retail.  PEOPLE are just so dang interesting!  I am so thankful for the connections that I've made, and continue to make.  Appreciate those that you meet, for everyone has something to give, whether they know it or not.