Flashdance and Flash Sales

As I put on my "boyfriend" jeans today, I couldn't help but think, I wasn't just rolling up the bottom of said "boyfriend" jeans, I was ever so slightly PEG-ROLLING them.  Remember that?  Remember peg-rolls?  OMG.  Still, I tight-rolled the heck outta those things, slid on my super cute booties, and off I went. 

Later, as I took my daughter to a department store to grab some new sneakers, we strolled through the kids section.  They had some super cute "joggers" (aka - parachute pants), off-the-shoulder shirts (hello Flashdance), and there's no other way to put it - ACID WASH JEANS.  Not just acid wash jeans, but acid wash JOGGERS.  Guess who loved them?  My 7-year old. 

So here we are. 

Most of us know, fashion always comes back around.  We see the same styles rotate back into play about every 20 years or so.  So juuuuuuuussst when we're liking our skinnies and our leggings and our boots and our boot toppers, and just when I'm accepting the fact that I'm essentially tight-rolling my jeans, here come the 70's and the 90's, ladies.  Watch for flare legs and a modified "grunge", friends.  And guess what??  I couldn't be more excited!!!

Oh, and PS - watch for some flash sales on those skinny jeans.  Because, well, see ya in 20.

PSS - We did not, I repeat, did not purchase the acid wash joggers.  She got the Hammer pants instead.