"Well I Was Born in a Small Town..."

I hear it every day.  "There's nothing to do in Terre Haute".  About 20 years ago, you would have heard me say this too.  But now the first thing you'll hear me say is "I'm so glad we stayed!"  There's lots of reasons why, as you can imagine - family and friends, schools, and obviously, my boutique…

Being from Terre Haute originally, I get it.  Ohhhh, but if we just look, if we just keep our eyes open to what is happening in our town, you will find there's SO much to do and appreciate.  I love being downtown - I wouldn't have wanted my boutique to be anywhere else.  Since being down here, I have made it a point to notice the beautiful architecture, the amazing old buildings, that all point to an impressive history of our hometown.  The building I work in is over 100 years old.  My boutique has the original tin ceiling.  It makes me so happy when, nearly every day, my customers look up and are captivated by the awesome ceiling.  There are so many of these buildings and shops downtown, I would urge anyone visiting or not to take a look.  To actually LOOK.  To take in the culture that we do have here.

My girlfriends and I did our yearly (sad, I know) night out this past summer. Typically, we head up to Indy for a night out on the town, but this year, we chose to stay in Downtown Terre Haute.  We went to a few bars I haven't even been in since, *ahem*, college.  We spent the majority of our time in the newest bar downtown (amazing, btw).  We had a blast, met new people, saw some old friends…it really made me appreciate even more my hometown.  There IS fun to be had here, things to see, and connections to make in this small town!

My sort of mantra in life is that you make connections with everyone you come in contact with.  And you learn a little something, good or sometimes bad, from everyone you meet.  I've had these "take-aways" from young people that have worked for me, as well as people that are older than me.  There's so much wisdom and knowledge out there, no matter the age.  I think that's why I've always loved working retail.  PEOPLE are just so dang interesting!  I am so thankful for the connections that I've made, and continue to make.  Appreciate those that you meet, for everyone has something to give, whether they know it or not. 


Flashdance and Flash Sales

As I put on my "boyfriend" jeans today, I couldn't help but think, I wasn't just rolling up the bottom of said "boyfriend" jeans, I was ever so slightly PEG-ROLLING them.  Remember that?  Remember peg-rolls?  OMG.  Still, I tight-rolled the heck outta those things, slid on my super cute booties, and off I went. 

Later, as I took my daughter to a department store to grab some new sneakers, we strolled through the kids section.  They had some super cute "joggers" (aka - parachute pants), off-the-shoulder shirts (hello Flashdance), and there's no other way to put it - ACID WASH JEANS.  Not just acid wash jeans, but acid wash JOGGERS.  Guess who loved them?  My 7-year old. 

So here we are. 

Most of us know, fashion always comes back around.  We see the same styles rotate back into play about every 20 years or so.  So juuuuuuuussst when we're liking our skinnies and our leggings and our boots and our boot toppers, and just when I'm accepting the fact that I'm essentially tight-rolling my jeans, here come the 70's and the 90's, ladies.  Watch for flare legs and a modified "grunge", friends.  And guess what??  I couldn't be more excited!!!

Oh, and PS - watch for some flash sales on those skinny jeans.  Because, well, see ya in 20.

PSS - We did not, I repeat, did not purchase the acid wash joggers.  She got the Hammer pants instead. 


Look Ma! I Wrote a Blog!


Monday, February 9, 2015

3:11 PM

It doesn't take much to get me excited about fashion.  I remember sitting in class at ISU (probably retail math or something super exciting like that), drooling over the latest issue of Vogue.  Especially if it was one of those great big, juicy, fall issues. 

I've evolved from drooling over Vogue to drooling over the more realistic fashion magazines, like Lucky and People Stylewatch :-)  I've also evolved from that girl who went to her hometown University, maaaaybe thinking {dreaming} she would end up in a big city working for a fashion magazine, to the more realistic, and exactly what was meant for me, dream of owning my own shop.  Guess where?  In my hometown.  Because our town needs boutiques.  And because I saw that need for our Downtown to continue to grow.  And because there is not one place in our mall for women to shop.  AND because I believe you don't have to drive an hour and a half to find great fashion. 

So here I am, nearly two years in, and loving every minute of it.  One of the best parts of my day are the people that come into my shop.  I've worked retail since I was 16, and managed retail since I was 19.  You guys, that's almost 20 years!  But, one of the reasons I've always enjoyed retail is the people you meet and the connections (I'll get to "connections" in a later post) you make along the way.  What drives me to get in there and open the store everyday isn't just that I get to order new clothes that I think will make women feel happy and beautiful.  It isn't just that I get to run my business the way I want, not having to answer to anyone but myself.  It's my customers.  You. 

When some of my most loyal customers started sending me pictures of themselves in Millie & Maude outfits they have put together, I knew that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be and exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.  This is what makes me excited about fashion!  My amazing, beautiful, fashionable, did I say amazing(?), customers wearing the merchandise I have picked out for my little boutique.  So here's what I'm asking:  send me your pics of YOU (my amazing, beautiful, fashionable customers!) wearing Millie & Maude!  This blog will about street style, celebrity style,  YOUR style, annnnnd sometimes my random thoughts :-)